Trauma Response

Risk is all a game of luck, why chance it?

What is trauma response all about?

Many sports carry a degree of risk, however there are some sports which can be a risk to life and limb. When the time comes for urgent and critical care for serious injuries occurring in sport, why throw caution to the wind and chance being able to support your injured player? The Hurt Locker team have specific skillsets which mean adult trauma in sport management is as common to us as jam is to toast.

What is included?

When theres a serious injury, you like things to go right when it really matters. We understand this so we have put together systems and processes to make sure in even the most challenging sports environment, you can rest assured that The Hurt Locker has everything under control. Athletes in a life or limb threatening situation are managed by our specialist team making sure they have the best chance of survival.

  • Airway management and conjuncts

  • Oxygen cylinders and supply

  • Spinal immobilisation and clearing

  • Body imobilisation

  • Medical analgesia gas and supply

  • Open wound management and suturing

  • Concussion and head injury management / signposting


If your club or facility is looking to provide an enhanced care provision package, why not ask The Hurt Locker for a review and provision of medical equipment to help your therapists perform their response roles better?

The Hurt Locker can help identify what items of medical equipment you can safely and effectively use within your own and your therapists remit. Some items don't even need advance training to be able to use. Why waste an opportunity to improve safety at your club?

Help your club or facility package and maintain patients for onward transport to definitive care.

Who is this type of service for?

The Hurt Locker can send therapists to one off or ad-hoc events to provide on site trauma management services. This is an ideal opportunity to allow remote or difficult clubs and venues to enhance the care package for their players and improve chances of survival for injured athletes.

Clubs already under the care or The Hurt Locker receive trauma support from their therapists where required and appropriate.

Who provides the services and what about insurance?

The Hurt Locker provides therapists and specialist health & care workers to match your needs analysis. We can offer our services to you in your club house, team venue or pitch / field based. Our business operations are covered under our own insurance and liability arrangements. Our healthcare team are also registered with their respective industry governing bodies. All our team members undergo strict training and continued professional development programmes to keep their skills relevant and up to date. Leave the worrying to us.


Deep cuts or open wounds can be managed by temporary sutures.

Some members of our team are able to carry out on site suturing allowing teams to keep players on the field and out of the med bay.

Our doctor and nurse teams can manage small open wounds and minor injuries if the return to play risk is low.


Because traumatic injury to the body can occur in a variety of different sports and recreational activities, you will find The Hurt Locker in a number of unusual locations.

Why not ask The Hurt Locker for a review of your event and see if you would benefit from on site emergency or trauma response units. 

Our team medics are trusted and thorough. Some have even provided services to well known reality TV shows.

Sound like a match made in heaven?

If you would like more information about what we can do to help enhance your player welfare package, please contact us for a complimentary, no obligation needs assessment and care plan proposal. There's no hidden fees and extras you will be bitten by. Simple, clear and honest advice to best respond to your team and club requirements. 

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