Sports Rehab

So you think its all over......

What is sports rehab?

Recovering from an injury can take time, especially complex and trauma injuries.  We like to make sure that your athletes aren't just left to get on with it when it looks,,, OK. We like to go the extra mile and make sure that athletes return to sport fitter, faster and stronger.

Our team of strength and conditioning coaches are specially selected to work with athletes returning from injury. Skill specific rehab is undertaken at our dedicated private health club in Torbay. We can also provide services in our local club facilities if appropriate.

What is included?

We like to think we offer a truly dynamic service which responds to your needs. Talk with us and let's find a package suitable for your needs. There's a lot to choose from. Don't worry if you can't decide, you can use services as and when they might be relevant too.

  • Sports massage

  • Injury therapy

  • Rehab and remedial exercise

  • Pilates and personal training

  • Water based rehab

  • Clinical strength rehab

  • Skill coaching

  • Dietetics for repair


Looking for a gentler way of entering rehab after injury? It's not all about pain and gain. Our private health club based clinic in Torbay offers early stage rehabilitation sessions in a heated and quiet pool.

Sauna and steam rooms are available to stretch muscles and make rehab sessions more effective with softer manipulation techniques.

We can of course also help strengthen and advance the skill sets of swimmers and water sports athletes after injury.

Who is this type of service for?

Every athlete or player can head back onto the track or field as soon as the cast is off and the crutches in the bin. However this doesn't mean that they are ready to perform at their best.

We treat a wide range of athletes and sporting individuals in our clinic. Our roles are truly diverse and we always work with the athlete to return them to full sports specific skill ability.

Who provides the services and what about insurance?

The Hurt Locker provides therapists and specialist health & care workers to match your needs analysis. We can offer our services to you in your club house, team venue, pitch / field based or we can host your team at our private health club in Torbay. Our business operations are covered under our own insurance and liability arrangements. Our healthcare team are also registered with their respective industry governing bodies. All our team members undergo strict training and continued professional development programmes to keep their skills relevant and up to date. Leave the worrying to us.


Our clinic is called Pulse Therapy. It is based in the rolling hills of South Devon and hosts a number of unique features you would normally have expected to find in an elite or military rehab facility.

Each week we see a number of our players in clinic. We also offer sports therapy and rehab services to members of the public. Even if you're not particular sporty, we have massage options to suit.

You can find out more about our clinic and its specifics by visiting the website.


Sound like a match made in heaven?

If you would like more information about what we can do to help enhance your player welfare package, please contact us for a complimentary, no obligation needs assessment and care plan proposal. There's no hidden fees and extras you will be bitten by. Simple, clear and honest advice to best respond to your team and club requirements. 

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